I am VisPy...

... the first Android-based visual integrated development environment (IDE) for Raspberry Pi software. My intuitive and easy-to-use visual interface caters to the specific circumstances of mobile devices. It allows you to code by using gestures rather than typing source code. Learn more about the features of VisPy.

How VisPy can work for you?

Have you ever wanted to use your mobile device for coding? Then VisPy is for you! Create code by drag&drop. Use templates to avoid heavy typing. Run your code on your Raspberry Pi remotely.

The Visual Interface

Not a source code editor

VisPy represents the Python code with shapes and structures instead of text. You can create, edit, and relocate the shapes easily by drag&drop. Learn more about the visual interface.

Become an early-bird supporter now:

VisPy is currently under development. We would be happy to inform you, when the first prototype of VisPy is ready to use and when VisPy ready to launch.
And the best: Once released, you'll get an ad-free copy of VisPy.

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